A Convention Outside of Melee Range

Returning this Fall

What is CommunityCon and Why Should I Attend?

CommunityCon is an online festival of gaming culture, including tabletop, video games, software and more. What truly makes this event unique is that it is free for all, regardless of whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor. We’re looking to recreate the feel of in person events, but without the hassle of getting there. You can find the panels, tournaments, and community that you would expect at a meatspace event but in the comfort of your pajamas. Check out this nifty little video about it:

What Should I Expect for 2021?

We’re excited to bring a lot of fun content to CommunityCon 2021. Expect to see a lot of returning categories, as well as a variety of new groups of gaming-oriented entertainment. Like before, we will have showcases for up-and-coming video games, engaging panels, tournaments to compete in, giveaways to enter, and many live-streams to watch. New this year will be the addition of tabletop game showcases, a larger quantity and variety of content each day, and a more streamlined convention experience for everyone.

Lessons Learned & Improvements Made

After we held our first event in 2020, we immediately knew that there were areas to improve in. This year, we’re using the data gathered from last year’s attendees and exhibitors to make our 2021 event as good as it can be. For attendees, we plan to have better organization, a healthy tabletop presence, and overall more things to do throughout the event. For exhibitors, we have streamlined how to get your content to attendees, as well as having a dedicated crew to help you get your presentation perfect. The introduction of a dedicated website will also help attendees and exhibitors alike in finding what they need in one easy-to-navigate place.

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