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Share your gameplay with all of CommunityCon

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CommunityCon exhibitors primarily consist of developers or development teams showing off their video game, tabletop game, or software. You don’t need to have a finished product to exhibit, though!

With up to three hours of time to present each day of the event, you can easily get your game or software seen by many others, receive feedback if so desired, and interact with CommunityCon attendees all throughout the weekend. You’ll also have staff on hand at all times to make sure your demo or showcase goes as smoothly as possible. The best part? No exhibiting fees of any kind. It’s completely free!

CommunityCon panelists have fun and exciting ideas to share with the community at large. Whether it be a virtual game show, or a discussion about groups being underrepresented in the gaming world, panels can be about almost anything.

Panels can be up to an hour and a half and it’s a great way to be a part of CommunityCon while just doing something you’re passionate about. There’s no limit to how many panels you can submit, so long as you have the time to run them all if they’re all accepted.

CommunityCon streamers do what they do best: stream to their own audience with their own library of games! Well, unless you want us to give you a new game to play, then we can get you set up with a little something-something.

While we ask that any event streamers go live for at least 2 hours, we have no set maximum! Turn on that stream, go wild for 36 hours, and crash until the next CommuntiyCon. Just because you’re streaming on your own channel doesn’t mean you won’t get recognition! We will provide you with some stream assets to show off your involvement and you’ll be clearly labeled on our official schedule.